A Note From The Doctor

Back On Track started not as a charity, but as an event; by bringing celebrities and the public together with injured veterans to kart race against each other through the use of hand controls.

For the first two years that my wife and I arranged this event, It made no money, in fact, it made us a loss. However, it brought many of our veterans together for a day of enjoyment and fun and gave me an insight into their lives post Headley Court.

By meeting these veterans and speaking to them, I soon realised how much help they needed in order to get their lives ‘Back On Track’ in every sense: medically, emotionally and socially.

I learnt that DMRC Headley Court was a fantastic facility, with the best treatment any serving soldier could need. But I also learnt that this was a facility for serving soldiers only, and not for veterans. I felt that there was a gap that needed filling and that private medical treatment should not stop once a soldier becomes a civilian: Particularly because the most recent treatments, technology and healthcare are not available on the NHS.

I offered to treat some of the soldiers that I met at the race event via the Harley Street Skin Clinic that I run with my wife Lesley. It was from here that the Back On Track charity was born.

The medical industry has been generous by offering their services at little or no cost and I am proud to facilitate the treatment of all of our veterans who come through our doors.

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