Supporting our veterans

When we first started to work with soldiers, we were looking at their physical needs and challenges and we thought we could really help in providing medical treatment and support at home in getting back on track in life. 

What we found was that most, if not all, the soldiers coming out after any sort of trauma had huge psychological issues as well. They were suffering from a particular type of PTSD called Combat Disorder, which is not really catered for within the NHS very well.  The problem was that once these soldiers got into therapy with the NHS, they found that their therapists were finding it difficult to deal with the depth of the psychological turmoil and stresses that they were talking about.  

This got me thinking…so what I have started to do now is to look at the overall situation and to try put in place a system to support the veterans by introducing them to people who have experience with this specific trauma, as well as people who have worked with veterans before, who have worked in war zones, and who themselves may be soldiers already. 

It’s early days, but we have been able to put together a small group of workers who can offer support for PTSD.  

We are looking for more assistance though, so if anyone knows of anyone who is keen to help get our veterans’ lives back on track, please do get in touch.  

To find out more please call 07803 573221

or email

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